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Are you ready to shake things up ... go against the grain a little and take a huge step into your call from God

Step out of frustration and confusion and into YOUR freedom ... begin the next phase of your journey co-laboring with God   

... AND ... as a result, help the people He has called you to work with step into their call from God?


Then you won't want to miss out on our SPECIAL 3-part Podcast Series Masterclass

designed specifically for Christian Life Coaches just like you!


In this series, Dr. Cheri Toledo, will be sharing her expertise and guiding you through a

variety of issues that you face as you build and scale your life coaching business.


In addition to Masterclass level instruction, you will have access to the Podcast Series Masterclass

Workbook, a valuable tool that will help you follow along with the teaching

and make it easy for you to implement the strategies you learn.


The Workbook includes the

Created to Coach THAT Program Course Overview

Created to Coach Program Course Readiness Checklist

Created to Coach Program Course Matrix (1-of-a-kind tool)


Take a look at the episode summaries
Episode 1
Program Course Creation
Common Myths & Mistakes
Let's talk about some of the challenges Christian Life Coaches are faced with as they develop a Program Course that is in line with their call from God, enables them to serve  their ideal clients, and generate more revenue.
Episode 2
Creating Your Program Course
Listen to some fundamental steps you can to take to create and launch a Program Course for your Life Coaching business. Make sure to download the Workbook so you can follow along and activate and implement what you learn.
Episode 3
What's Possible &
What's Next?
The possibilities of having a well-designed, well-taught, client-centered program course. Find out what the future holds and your next best steps to create your unique Program Course so it will create real transformation in the lives of your clients.
Jump into this incredible opportunity with us!

By the end of this Podcast Series Masterclass, you'll have the knowledge and tools you need to begin moving
your coaching business to the next level and making the preparations to increase the impact you have on the lives of your ideal clients.


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